Welcome to the Town of Neenah!

The Town of Neenah located in East Central Wisconsin in the area known as the Fox Valley, about 70 miles north of Milwaukee and 30 miles south of Green Bay. Immediately surrounding the Town is the City of Neenah and the Towns of Menasha, Clayton and Vinland.


Office Hours:

Monday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
 Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Phone: 920-725-0916 



Notification of Road Maintenance UPDATE 

Beginning the week of June 1, 2015, road crews will be in the following areas performing chip seal resurfacing. The process itself does not take long but the schedule must remain flexible as it is weather dependent.  Weather permitting, the process of applying the chip seal surface should be completed within a week.   

Update Tuesday  June 16, 2015

Crews plan on completing the application of the chips this week, June 17-19. Temporary No Parking Signs will be placed on the impacted streets.  

There is NO PARKING permitted on the listed streets until the chip sealing process has been completed.  A complete listing of streets is on the back of this notice.    

Chip seal is a coating of liquid asphalt and stone chips applied to the pavement to extend the life of the pavement.   Though your street is in basically sound condition, it needs routine maintenance to protect it. Chip sealing, which is effective for 7-10 years, stops water from seeping through the surface and damaging the pavement and road base. It costs less to apply chip seal to the street surface than to fix the street edges and base due to damage caused by too much water.  

The process of chip sealing goes quickly, the street will be cleaned, oil will be applied followed by a layer of chips.  The crews will return several days later, depending on weather and availability of work crews, to sweep excess chips from the roadway.

The road can be used immediately following the application of the chips, but it takes about two weeks before the chip seal is firmly set.

For further information you may contact the Town Office at 920-725-0916

  •      Birch Bark Lane
  •      Clayton Avenue  (from Larsen Road to Maintenance Line)
  •      Dell Court
  •      Eagle Feather Trail
  •      Firefly Court
  •      Firefly Lane
  •      Harvest Moon Drive
  •      Hoot Owl Court
  •      Klompen Court
  •      Milkweed Court
  •      Nee-Vin Road
  •      Pemmican Court
  •      Pemmican Trail
  •      Radcliff Road
  •      Retlaw Drive
  •      Sally Lane
  •      Sundial Lane
  •      Terra Cotta Court
  •      Terra Cotta Drive
  •       Woodside Court
  •       Woodside Lane


US 41 Project Updates from Wisconsin DOT

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Log on to www.us41wisconsin.gov for details of all projects. For statewide projects and traffic alerts, go to www.wisconsindot.gov, visit Wisconsin 511 online or call 5-1-1. For more information regarding traffic impacts in all of the Northeast Region:
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