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Beginning January 1, 2011 Advanced Disposal will collect garbage and recycling for the Town of Neenah.  Garbage is collected weekly and recycling bi-weekly.  A link to the schedule is below.  Please call Ellen Skerke at 725-0916 for your Recycling and Garbage containers.  If your garbage or recycling is not picked up please call Advanced Disposal directly: 

Advanced Disposal 
250 Adler Ave., Omro, WI

If you need information about what can or cannot be recycled please refer to the Winnebago County Website: www.co.winnebago.wi.us/Solid_Waste/Recycling.htm


2014 Garbage and Recycling Calendar


2014 Holiday Recycling Schedule


If your trash is normally picked up on Tuesday, you are now a B WEEK RECYCLER.  Your recycling will NOT be picked up on Tuesday Jnauary 6, 2015.   The next tiem your recycling will be picked up is Tuesday January 13, 2015.   


2015 Garbage and Recycling Calendar


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